Mansfield ISD
Regular Meeting
Tuesday, September 26, 2017 6:00 PM
Mansfield ISD Center for Performing Arts, 1110 W. Debbie Lane, Mansfield, TX
1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Closed Session
1. Adjourn to Closed Session pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.074, Personnel, to deliberate regarding the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline, or dismissal of a public officer or employee; or to hear a complaint or charge against an officer or employee, 551.071, Consultation with the Board's attorney; and 551.072, Real Property.
2. Adjourn to closed session pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.0821 to discuss a matter regarding a public school student if personally identifiable information about the student will necessarily be revealed by the discussion.
3. Adjourn to closed session pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.071 to consult with the District’s attorney on a matter in which the duty of the attorney to the governmental body under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of Texas clearly conflicts with the Open Meetings Act, specifically to receive advice on the hearing process.
4. Reconvene
1. Reconvene to Public
2. Action on Items Discussed in Closed Session
5. Meeting Opening
1. Prayer
2. Presentation of Colors -- Lake Ridge High School ROTC
3. Pledges
6. Superintendent's Star Awards
1. Superintendent's Star Awards -- September 2017
SuperintendentsListSeptember 2017.doc
7. Commendations
1. Commendations and recognition of students, staff and others who have significantly impacted the Mansfield Independent School District
Commendations - National Merit Semi.pdf
8. Community Partnership Award
1. Appreciation for organizations within the community for their exemplary commitment to the Mansfield ISD and partnership in education
September 2017 Community Partnership Abstract.docx
9. Human Resources Report
1. 20+ Years Recognition
9.26.17 Over 20 years.docx
2. Recommendations for Board Approval
9.26.17 HR Report Abstract.doc
9.26.17 New Hires for Board Approval.docx
3. Introductions
9.26.17 Introductions.docx
10. Instructional Focus
1. Campus Cadence of  Accountability Demonstration for T.A. Howard Middle School -- Jonathan Schilder
Board Abstract COA Presentation TA Howard MS Sept 26 2017.doc
CoA Board Presentation (Final).pdf
2. Campus Cadence of  Accountability Demonstration for Brooks Wester Middle School -- Jennifer Powers
Board Abstract COA Presentation Brooks Wester MS Sept 26 2017.doc
Wester CoA.pdf
3. Two-Way Dual Language Update -- Joshua Garcia
Abstract - 2WDL - Choice - Innovative Program - September 2017.doc
Two-Way DL Board Intro Presentation.pdf
11. Presentation
1. Dr. Sarah Jandrucko Academy for Early Learners - Learning Experiences Update -- Paul Thompson
Board Presentation Item - Dr. Sarah Jandrucko Academy for Early Learners .doc
2. Facilities and Operations Annual Report -- Dr. Paul Cash
Facilities Board Abstract 2017.pdf
2017 Facilities & Operations Annual Report Board Presentation.pdf
3. Partnership Between MISD and Salvation Army: Providing Aid to Communities Impacted by Hurricane Harvey -- Donald Williams
09262017 Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts Abstract.doc
Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts.pdf
12. Public Comments
1. The correct procedure for addressing the board during Public Comments is as follows: Each speaker should address the board from the podium microphone and state his or her name and address before speaking. All speakers will be limited to five minutes to make comments. When five or more persons represent a group, one person should be appointed to present their views. Copies of presentations should be made available to all trustees and the superintendent.  Board policy prohibits the discussion of complaints against District employees during an open forum.
13. Public Hearing to Discuss State Financial Accountability Rating for MISD (Schools FIRST)
FIRST Public Hearing - Abstract.doc
2017 FIRST Report 9-26-2017.pdf
Mansfield ISD 2017 School's FIRST Report for 2015-2016.pdf
14. Business Items Requiring Board Action
1. Consideration and Approval of Resolution 18-08 of the Board of Trustees of Mansfield Independent School District for Disposal of Surplus Property
Surplus Property to ACISD - Abstract.doc
Surplus Exhibit A.DOCX
Surplus Property to ACISD -Board Resolution .docx
2. Consider Nominations by Resolution to Fill Vacancies on Board of Directors for Tarrant County Appraisal District
TAD Abstract.docx
TAD-Exhibit A.pdf
TAD Resolution.docx
3. Consider Nominations by Resolution to Fill Vacancies on Board of Directors for Johnson County Central Appraisal District
CAD Abstract.docx
CAD Exhibit A.pdf
CAD Resolution.docx
15. Consent Agenda
1. Consideration and Approval of Proposed Budget Amendments
Budget Amendments - Abstract.pdf
Budget Amendments.pdf
2. Consideration and Approval of Bids received in the Months of August and September
Bid Proposal - Abstract.doc
Bid Proposal - Tabulation.doc
Bid Proposal - 17-026 Beverage Vending Recommendation.pdf
3. School Health Advisory Council
SHAC Members 17.18.web.2.doc
4. 2017-2018 T-TESS Appraisers
Action-T-TESS 9.26.17 Appraisers.doc
17-18 T-TESS Approved A-Z by campus 9.24.17.xlsx
5. Approve change Order No. 2 -- Jerry Knight STEM Academy
Board Agenda Item - CO No. 2 - Jerry Knight STEM Academy.docx
Board Agenda Item - CO No. 2 - Jerry Knight STEM Academy.pdf
6. Approve Construction Manager at Risk Contract Agreement for the New Schools and Phase 1 Renovation Projects
Board Agenda Item - Pogue & Lee Lewis CMR Contract Agmnt.doc
Board Agenda Item - Pogue & LL - CMR Bid Tabulation.pdf
7. Approve Minutes from the 9/12/2017, Called Board Meeting and the August 22, 2017, Regular Board Meeting
08222017 Regular Board Meeting Minutes.rtf
09122017 Called Board Meeting Minutes.rtf
16. Superintendent's Report
1. Property Tax Collection Reports from Tarrant County
Property Tax Collections - Abstract.pdf
Prop Tax Collections - 17-18 MISD Schedule of Delinquent Taxes Receivable.pdf
2. Delinquent Tax Attorney Report
Delinquent Tax Attorney - Abstract.pdf
Delinquent Tax Report Mansfield ISD 9-12-2017 Report.pdf
3. Disbursement Reports
Disbursement Reports - Abstract.pdf
Disb Report - Summary August 2017.pdf
Disb Report - August 2017.pdf
Disb Report - Over $25K August 2017.pdf
Disb Report - PR ONLY Summary August 2017.pdf
4. Financial Reports
Financial Reports - Abstract.pdf
Financial Reports - Combined August 2017.pdf
5. Monthly Investment Report 
Investment Abstract.pdf
Monthly Investment Report.pdf
6. Purchasing Cooperative Fees Report
Cooperative Fee Report Abstract .doc
7. Accepted Resignations
9.26.17 Accepted Resignations.docx
8. Resignation Reasons
9.26.17 Resignations Reasons.docx
9. Superintendent Approved New Hires
9.26.17 Supt New Hires.pdf
10. Approved Student Trips
Abstract Student Trips-Sept. 26, 2017.pdf
Student Travel - Sept. 2017.pdf
11. Enrollment Report
Abstract -Enrollment Sept. 26, 2017.pdf
Enrollment Report - As of 9-21-17, 2017.pdf
12. Attendance Percentage Report
Abstract -Attendance Percentage Sept. 2017.pdf
Attendance Percentage-Sept. 26, 2017.pdf
13. EC Accountability -- September 2017
EC Accountability - Sept. 2017.pdf
17. Adjourn
1. Adjourn