Mansfield ISD

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, September 24, 2019 6:00 PM
MISD Center for the Performing Arts, 1110 W. Debbie Lane, Mansfield, TX
1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Closed Session
1. Adjourn to Closed Session pursuant to Texas Government Code Sections 551.074 to deliberate the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline, or dismissal of a public officer or employee, specifically to include the Superintendent's evaluation and contract and the impending retirement of the Superintendent; 551.071, consultation with the Board's Attorney; 551.072, Real Property.
4. Reconvene
1. Reconvene to Public
2. Action on Items Discussed in Closed Session
5. Meeting Opening
1. Prayer
2. Presentation of Colors - Legacy High School JROTC
3. Pledges
6. District Recognitions
1. School Board Superstar Awards 
1. Superstar Awards September 2019.pdf
2. National Merit Semifinalists 
2. National Merit Semifinalists.pdf
3. Student Nutrition Services Award 
Action Sheet 3. Student Nutrition Services.pdf
7. Special Presentation
1. Huckabee “This is 30” Recognition 
Huckabee Recognition.pdf
8. Human Resources Report
1. 20+ Years Recognition
9.24.19 Over 20 years.pdf
9. Instructional Focus
1. Social Studies System Report -- Marie Medina and Gregg Williams
Action Sheet 1 Abstract - Social Studies System Report.doc
2 Social Studies System Report.pdf
3 Presentation - Social Studies System Report.pdf
10. Presentation
1. Changes to Student Services Website for Bullying – Dr. Kelvin Stroy
Action Sheet 1. Changes to Student Services Website for Bullying.pdf
2. Anti-Bullying Board Presentation 9.22.19.pdf
11. Discussion 
1. Lone Star Governance Board Constraints 
Action Sheet LSG discussion Board constraints9.24.19.doc
Mansfield ISD Board Constraints.pdf
12. Public Comments
1. The correct procedure for addressing the Board during Public Comments is as follows: Each speaker should address the Board from the podium microphone and state his or her name before speaking. All speakers will be limited to three minutes to make comments regarding items on the agenda. Copies of presentations should be made available to all trustees and the Superintendent.  Board policy prohibits the discussion of complaints against district employees during an open forum.
13. Business Items Requiring Board Action
1. Consider Approval of First Reading of MISD Policy DEC (LOCAL) Update
Action Sheet 1. Consider Approval of First Reading of MISD Policy DEC (LOCAL) Update.pdf
2. Consider Approval of First Reading of MISD Policy DEC (LOCAL) Update.pdf
14. Consent Agenda
1. Consideration and Approval of Proposed Budget Amendments  
Action Sheet 1. Budget Amendments- Abstract.pdf
2. Budget Amendments.pdf
2. Consideration and Approval of Bids Received in August and September 
Action Sheet 1. Bid Proposal - Abstract.pdf
2. Exhibit 1 - Bid Proposal - Tabulation.pdf
3. Consider Approval of the Shared Service Agreement Between Arlington ISD and MISD for Students with Auditory Impairments Attending the Regional Day School Program for the Deaf 
Action Sheet 1. AISD Shared Services Arrangement for Educational Services Abstract.pdf
2. AISD Shared Services Arrangement MOU.pdf
4. 2019-2020 T-TESS Appraisers 
Action Sheet 1. 2019-2020 T-TESS Appraisers Abstract.pdf
2. 19-20 T-TESS Approved A-Z by campus 9.24.19.pdf
5. Consideration and Approval of the Easement and Right of Way Along the East Side of Grandview Road Along the Lone Star Road ES Property Line per Agreement with the South Pointe Developer 
Action Sheet 1. Consideration and Approval of the Easement and Right of Way along the west side of Grandview Rd along Lone Star Rd ES property line per Agreement w.pdf
2. ELC Site Easement for Board Appvl 09242019.pdf
6. Surplus District Owned Vehicles 
Action Sheet 1. Surplus District Owned Vehicles.pdf
2. Surplus Vehicles.pdf
7. Approval of Minutes from the 9/10/2019 Called Board Meeting and the 8/27/2019 Regular Board Meeting
1. 09102019 Called Board Meeting Minutes.pdf
2. 08272019 Regular Board Meeting Minutes.pdf
15. Superintendent's Report
1. Financial Reports
Action Sheet 1. Financial Reports - Abstract.pdf
2. Financial Reports - Accounting Code & Bond Descriptions.pdf
3. Financial Reports Combined - August 2019.pdf
2. Delinquent Tax Reports 
Action Sheet 1. Delinquent Tax Report - Abstract.pdf
2. Mansfield ISD Delinquent Tax Report.pdf
3. Property Tax Reports
Action Sheet 1. Property Tax Collections - Abstract.pdf
2. MISD Schedule of Delinquent Taxes Receivable.pdf
4. Disbursement Reports
Action Sheet 1. Disbursement Reports - Abstract.pdf
2. Disbursement Report - Aug 2019.pdf
3. Disb Report - Summary August 2019.pdf
4. Disb Report - PR ONLY Summary August 2019.pdf
5. Disb Report - Over $25K August 2019.pdf
5. Investment Reports
Action Sheet 1. Abstract Monthly Investments September 24, 2019.pdf
2. August Investment Report.pdf
6. Accepted Resignations
1. 9.24.19 Accepted Resignations.pdf
7. Resignation Reasons
1. Resignation Reasons 9-24-19.pdf
8. Superintendent Approved New Hires
1. Supt New Hires 9-24-19.pdf
9. Enrollment Report
Action Sheet 1. Enrollment Report (3).pdf
2. Enrollment Report.pdf
10. Attendance Percentage Report
Action Sheet 1. Attendance Percentage Report.pdf
2. Attendance Percentage Report.pdf
11. Approved Student Trips
Action Sheet 1. Approved Student Travel.pdf
2. Approved Student Travel.pdf
12. MISD Committees Report
Action Sheet 1. MISD Committees Report.pdf
2. MISD Committees Report.pdf
13. Facility Revenue Report
Action Sheet 1. Facility Rental Revenue.pdf
2. Facility Rental Revenue Report.pdf
14. EC Accountability
1. EC Accountability - September 2019 (Board Report).pdf
15. 2011 MISD Bond Program Project Manager Report
2011 Bond Program Report September 2019.pdf
16. 2017 MISD Bond Program Project Manager Report
2017 Bond Program Report September 2019.pdf
16. Adjourn
1. Adjourn