Mansfield ISD
Regular Meeting
Tuesday, July 22, 2014 7:00 PM
board room at the MISD Center for the Performing Arts, 1110 W. Debbie Ln., Mansfield, TX 76063
1. Meeting Opening
1. Agenda
2. Call to Order
3. Prayer
4. Pledges
5. Roll Call
2. Commendations
1. Commendations and recognition of students, staff, and others who have significantly impacted the Mansfield Independent School District.
Commendation - Excellence in School Nutrition.pdf
07222014 THS Softball Team Commendation.pdf
3. Approval of Minutes
1. Approve Minutes from the 6/24/2014 Regular Board Meeting
06242014 Regular Board Meeting Minutes.rtf
2. Approve Minutes from the 6/24/2014 Called Board Meeting
06242014 Called Board Meeting Minutes.rtf
4. Human Resources Report
1. Human Resources Report
7.22.2014 Human Resource Report Abstract.doc
7.22.2014 HR Report.pdf
2. 2013-2014 Resignation Summary 
3. Introductions
5. Public Comments
1. The correct procedure for addressing the board during Public Comments is as follows: Each speaker should address the board from the podium microphone and state his or her name and address before speaking. All speakers will be limited to five minutes to make comments. When five or more persons represent a group, one person should be appointed to present their views. Copies of presentations should be made available to all trustees and the superintendent.  Board policy prohibits the discussion of complaints against District employees during an open forum.
6. Discussion
1. 2006 Bond Program Project Manager Report -- John Schmitt
2006 Bond Program Report July 2014.pdf
2. 2011 Bond Program Project Manager Report -- John Schmitt
2011 Bond Program Report July 2014.pdf
7. Presentation
1. Presentation of Mary Orr Driveway Extension Project -- Jeff Brogden
7-2014 Mary Orr.doc
Board Agenda Item - Dvlpmnt of the Onsite Road Extension at MOIS Exhibits.pdf
2. Proposal for Ben Barber Career Tech Academy Expansion -- Jeff Brogden
7-2014 Ben Barber Expansion.doc
3. Student Nutrition Department Update & Report on New Smart Snacks Rules -- Gaylan Mathis
7-2014 Student Nutrition Presentation.doc
Board Presentation 2014 Revision2.pdf
Smart Snacks.pdf
4. Exemptions Update -- Darrell Sneed
Board Item Exemptions Update Presentation.doc
DRAFT MISD High School Semester Exam Exemption Guidelines.pdf
8. Business Items Requiring Board Action
1. Consider Approval of the MISD High School Semester Exam Exemption Guidelines
Board Item Consider MISD HS Exemption Guidelines.doc
DRAFT MISD High School Semester Exam Exemption Guidelines.pdf
2. Consider Approval of Temporary Construction Easements, Slope Easement, Right of Way Easement, and Drainage Easement with the City of Arlington Tri-Schools Street Improvements Project.
7-2014 City of Arlington Easements - Tri Schools.doc
Exhibit A.pdf
9. Consent Agenda
1. Budget Amendments
Abstract - Budget Amendments.doc
July Amendment.pdf
2. Consideration and Approval of Bids Received in the Month of July
Abstract Template-Purchasing Items.doc
14-061 RFP Bus and Automotive Parts, Supplies and Service.pdf
14-063 Produce Rec.and.Tab.pdf
3. Consider Approval of the Shared Service Agreement Between Arlington ISD and Mansfield ISD Concerning Services for Students with Auditory Impairments Attending the Regional Day School Program for the Deaf
Board Item RDSPD with Arlington ISD 7.14.doc
AISD RDSPD SSA 2014-2015 AISD exe.pdf
4. Approve the Development of the Onsite Road Extension at Mary Orr Intermediate School, 2006 MISD Bond Program
Board Agenda Item - Development of the Onsite Road Extension at MOIS.doc
Board Agenda Item - Dvlpmnt of the Onsite Road Extension at MOIS Exhibits.pdf
5. Approve Change Order No. 1 for Package 2: Additions and Renovations, 2011 MISD Bond Program
Board Agenda Item - CO #1 for Package 2 Additions and Renovations.docx
Board Agenda Item - CO #1 for Package 2 Additions and Renovations.pdf
6. 2014-2015 PDAS Appraisers
Action-PDAS Appraisers.doc
14-15 ALT PDAS Approved.pdf
14-15 ALT PDAS Approved.pdf
7. Consider Approval of the 2014-2015 Student Code of Conduct
Board Item SCOC Action Item 2014-2015.doc
2014-2015 SCOC - highlighted draft - Exhibit 1.docx
2014-2015 SCOC Spanish - highlighted draft - Exhibit 2.docx
8. Consider Approval of Tarrant County Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP) Memorandum of Understanding 2014-2015
Board Item MOU Tarrant Co JJAEP 14-15.docx
JJAEP MOU 14-15 Tarrant County complete.pdf
9. Consider Approval of the Juvenile Justice Alternative Education  Program (JJAEP) Memorandum of Understanding with Johnson County 2014-2015
Board Item Johnson Co JJAEP mou 14-15.docx
JJAEP MOU 14-15 Johnson County.pdf
10. Approval of Meal Price Increases
7-2014 SN Abstract v2 .docx
10. Superintendent's Report
1. Property Tax Collection Reports from Tarrant County
Abstract - Property Tax Collection Reports from Tarrant County.docx
Property Tax Collections.pdf
2. Financial Report
June 14 Financials.pdf
3. Delinquent Tax Attorney Report
Abstract - Delinquent Tax Attorney.doc
Mansfield ISD 7-14-14 Report.pdf
4. Disbursement Reports
Abstract-Disbursement Reports.doc
Disbursement Report - June 2014 Summary.pdf
Disbursement Report - Detail - June 2014.pdf
5. Approved Student Trips
Board Item Approved Student Trips July 2014.doc
Approved Student Trips - July 2014 Exhibit 1.pdf
6. Summer School 2014
Board Report Notice Summer School 2014.docx
Board Report Summer School 2014 Enrollment.docx
11. Closed Session
1. Adjourn to Closed Session pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.074, Personnel, to deliberate regarding the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline, or dismissal of a public officer or employee; or to hear a complaint or charge against an officer or employee, to include the Superintendent Evaluation; 551.071, Consultation with the Board's Attorney; and 551.072, Real Property.
2. Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 552.0821,deliberation and possible action regarding a matter involving a public school student which may reveal personally identifiable information about the student. Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.071, to consult with the District's attorney, in person or by phone, to seek the advice regarding pending or contemplated litigation, a settlement offer, or on a matter in which the duty of the attorney to the District under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of Texas clearly conflicts with Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code: 1. Public information request.  2. Pending student matters.
12. Reconvene
1. Reconvene to Public
2. Action on Items Discussed in Closed Session
13. Adjourn
1. Adjourn