Mansfield ISD

Regular Meeting
Tuesday, February 27, 2018 6:00 PM
MISD Center for the Performing Arts, 1110 W. Debbie Lane, Mansfield, TX
1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Closed Session
1. Adjourn to Closed Session pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.074, Personnel, to deliberate regarding the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline, or dismissal of a public officer or employee; or to hear a complaint or charge against an officer or employee, 551.071, Consultation with the Board's attorney; and 551.072, Real Property.
4. Reconvene
1. Reconvene to Public
2. Action on Items Discussed in Closed Session
5. Meeting Opening
1. Prayer
2. Presentation of Colors -- Lake Ridge High School JROTC
3. Pledges
6. Superintendent's Star Awards
1. Superintendent's Star Awards --February 2018
2nd Copy SuperintendentsListFeb.2018.doc
7. Commendations
1. Commendations and recognition of students, staff and others who have significantly impacted the Mansfield Independent School District
Action Sheet February Commendations.pdf
8. Public Comments
1. The correct procedure for addressing the board during Public Comments is as follows: Each speaker should address the board from the podium microphone and state his or her name and address before speaking. All speakers will be limited to five minutes to make comments. When five or more persons represent a group, one person should be appointed to present their views. Copies of presentations should be made available to all trustees and the superintendent.  Board policy prohibits the discussion of complaints against District employees during an open forum.
9. Human Resources Report
1. 20+ Years Recognition
2.27.18 Over 20 years.docx
2. Recommendations for Board Approval
Action Sheet 2.27.18 HR Report Abstract.doc
2.27.18 None New Hires for Board Approval.docx
3. Introductions
2.27.18 Introductions.docx
10. Discussion
1. Lone Star Governance Training
2. School Safety Public Forums
3. School Safety Committee
4. Orchestra Recommendation
11. Public Hearing to Discuss the MISD Annual Report
Action Sheet Board Item - Public Hearing Annual Report.doc
TAPR 2018 (Board FEBRUARY).pdf
Annual Report Board Presentation 2018.pdf
12. Presentation
1. Presentation of the Design Development for the New Brenda Norwood Elementary School -- Paul Thompson
Action Sheet Board Presentation Item - New Brenda Norwood Elementary School_Design Development.doc
2018-02 Brenda Norwood ES & Alma Martinez IS_DD Booklet.pdf
2. Presentation of the Design Development for the New Alma Martinez Intermediate School -- Paul Thompson
Action Sheet Board Presentation Item - New Alma Martinez Intermediate School_Design Development.doc
2018-02 Brenda Norwood ES & Alma Martinez IS_DD Booklet.pdf
3. Presentation of the Dr. Sarah Jandrucko Academy for Early Learners -- Bruce Morris
Action Sheet Board Presentation - AEL.doc
2018-02 Board Presentation_AEL.pdf
4. District of Innovation Proposed Amendment -- Dr. Sean Scott
Action Sheet Abstract-Presentation-District of Innovation Amendement - 2.27.18.pdf
District of Innovation Proposed Amendment.pdf
DOI Amended Local Plan - Intent to Vote Commissioner Letter.pdf
Local Innovation Plan - Amended Draft - MISD.pdf
5. Guidance and Counseling Policies and Procedures -- Holly McCanlies
Action Sheet Board Item Guidance and Counseling Policies and Procedures.docx
G & C Board Presentation Feb. 2018.pdf
6. District Response to Demographic Report -- Dr. Paul Cash
Abstract -Reponse to Demo. Report 2-27 PRESENTATION-logo.pdf
District Response to Demographers Report 2018.pdf
7. School Start Times -- Dr. Tamara Vardy and Dr. Kelvin Stroy
Action Sheet Abstract School Start Times 2-27 PRESENTATION-logo.pdf
SST Mtgs 2017 Pres.pdf
13. Business Items Requiring Board Action
1. Consider Approval of Board Meeting Date Changes for the 2018-2019 School Year
Action Sheet 02272018 Board Meeting Schedule Abstract.docx
2018-2019 Board Meeting Schedule.docx
2. Consider Dedication of H-E-B Award Money
3. Consider Approval of First Amendment to Communication Site License Agreement with Clear Wireless, LLC
Action Sheet Board Abstract - 1st Amd to Clear Wireless Communication Site License Ag....doc
14. Consent Agenda
1. Consideration and Approval of Proposed Budget Amendments
Action Sheet Budget Amendments - Abstract.pdf
Budget Amendments.pdf
2. Consideration and Approval of Bids Received in the Months of January and February
Action Sheet Bid Proposal - Abstract.doc
Bid Proposal - Tabulation.doc
Bid Proposal - 18-009 Contracted Professional Services Recommendation.pdf
Bid Proposal - 18-010 Office Supplies Board Recommendation.pdf
Bid Proposal - 18-013 Audio Visual Upgrade Board Recommendation.pdf
Bid Proposal - 18-018 Landscape Maintenance Recommendation.pdf
Bid Proposal - 18-019 E-Rate Recommendation.pdf
3. Approve Minutes from the 2/15/2018 Called Board Meeting, 2/06/2018 Called Board Meeting and the 1/23/2018 Regular Board Meeting
02152018 Called Board Meeting MInutes.docx
02062018 Called Board Meeting Minutes.docx
01232018 Regular Board Meeting minutes.docx
4. 2017-2018 T-TESS Appraisers
Action Sheet Action-T-TESS Appraisers 2.27.18.doc
17-18 T-TESS Approved A-Z by campus 2.27.18.pdf
5. Approval of Utility Easements and Right of Way, Dr. Sarah Jandrucko Academy for Early Learners
Action Sheet Board Agenda Dr. Sarah Jandrucko 2.27.2018 Two Easements.pdf
Board Agenda Dr. Sarah Jandrucko 2.27.2018 Two Easements.pdf
6. Approve Award Contract to the Best Value Contractor Ranking for Negotiation and Award of a Contract Agreement for the Renovations to Willie Pigg Auditorium
Action Sheet Board Agenda Item - Renovations to Willie Pigg Auditorium - Best Value Contractor Ranking.doc
7. Approval of an Election Agreement and Contract for Election Services with the City of Mansfield for the May 5, 2018 Election
Action Sheet 02272018 City of Mansfield Election Contract Abstract.docx
City of Mansfield Joint Election Contract.pdf
8. Consider Approval of the Dallas County District Attorney's Adult and Juvenile Memorandums of Understanding
Action Sheet MOU Board Abstract.doc
MOU Juvenile Final Template.doc
Dallas County Adult MOU LEAs 2015.docx
Exhibit B CJIS SecurityAddendum[1].pdf
15. Superintendent's Report
1. Property Tax Collection Reports from Tarrant County
Action Sheet Property Tax Collections - Abstract.pdf
Property Tax Collections J-1.pdf
2. Delinquent Tax Attorney Report
Action Sheet Delinquent Tax Attorney - Abstract.pdf
Delinquent Tax Report Jan 2018.pdf
3. Disbursement Reports
Action Sheet Disbursement Reports - Abstract.pdf
Disb Report - Summary Jan 2018.pdf
Disb Report - PR ONLY Summary Jan 2018.pdf
Disbursement Report - Jan 2018.pdf
Disb Report - Over $25K Jan 2018.pdf
4. Financial Reports
Action Sheet Financial Reports - Abstract.pdf
Financial Reports - Accounting Code & Bond Descriptions.pdf
Financial Reports - Combined Jan 2018.pdf
5. Monthly Investment Report 
Action Sheet Investment Report Abstract.pdf
Investment Report Jan 2018.pdf
6. Accepted Resignations
2.27.18 Resignations.docx
7. Resignation Reasons
2.27.18 Resignations Reasons.docx
8. Superintendent Approved New Hires
2.27.18 New Hires.pdf
9. Approved Student Trips
Action Sheet Abstract -Student Travel - Feb. 27, 2018.pdf
Student Travel - 2-18.pdf
10. Enrollment Report
Action Sheet Abstract -Enrollment Feb. 27, 2018.pdf
Enrollment-Feb. 27, 2018.pdf
11. Attendance Percentage Report
Action Sheet Abstract -Attendance Percentage Feb. 27, 2018.pdf
Attendance - Feb. 2018.pdf
12. EC Accountability -- February 2018
EC Accountability - February 2018.pdf
13. 2006 Bond Program Project Manager Report
2006 Bond Program Report February 2018.pdf
14. 2011 Bond Program Project Manager Report
2011 Bond Program Report February 2018.pdf
15. Title 1 Campuses 2018-19 
Action Sheet Board doc on eligibility for 18-19.pdf
Title I Eligibility 18-19.xlsx
16. Demographer’s Quarterly Report
Action Sheet Board Agenda Item - Quaterly Demographers Report 4Q17.docx
4Q17 Mansfield ISD Report PPT.PDF
17. MISD Committees Report
Action Sheet Abstract - Committee Report 2-27-18.pdf
Charters - Feb. 27, 2018.pdf
16. Adjourn
1. Adjourn